Cooperation La Francophonie’s operating agency.

From demand of labor market, Tourism Faculty, Van Lang University, has always maintained and expanded their relations and cooperations with many universities and associations to increase quality of Educational Programs.

Since 1997, Tourism Faculty in Van Lang University becomes official member of Francophone University Organization (AUF-AgenceUniversitaire de la Franchophonie). With the support of this organization, Tourism Faculty has reorganized program, which uses French as a principal language (the predecessor of dual degree). Since 2000, the first group of students had graduated after passing their examinations or delivering their final dissertations in the language of French in font of International Academic Board, and our partner- AUF – decided to issue an international certificate to our students.

Enroll in this program, students are provided with French course at least 15 periods per week. In the third year, students must learn some major subjects using French as language of instruction. Based on their final results and their majors, students have opportunity to receive scholarships to further their study in Master Level at Francophone Universities.

In addition of relationships with many organizations, associations and institutes in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces in Vietnam. Tourism Faculty of Van Lang University has built close connections with Angers University, Orléan University, Avignon University, Corte University, Perpignan University, Pau University, Toulouse Le Miral University, Nice University, Polynésie Perpignan University, Réunion University, Montpellier University (France); UQAM University (Canada); Griffith (Australia); ChandrakasemRajabhat University (Thailand), Cadi Ayadd (Morocco)…. They are the partners of Tourism Faculty in Education, Academic Exchange, and Scientific Research. By these close relationships, Tourism Faculty has achieved certain performances in our missions of education and scientific research.

• In 2002, subject of Management Games in Tourism of Toulouse II University is elaborated to our program: Demonstration of Tourism Business.

• In 2003, Tourism Faculty of Van Lang University has cooperated in studying on Tourism Development Investigation with Tourism Faculty of Toulouse Le Mirail University (France) by interviewing more than 2,000 international visitors and some Institutes of Tourism Education in Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City.

• In 2007, Tourism Faculty of Van Lang University is the pioneer in Vietnam, formalizing the program Master of Tourism, in the framework of cooperation with Francophone University Organization and Corte University, Angers University Perpignan University, La Réunion University (France). This is based on Business of Leading Tourism –Hotel Management in Europe. Then, we have adjusted this program fitting in development of Tourism –Hospitality Industry in Vietnam on the way to regional and international integration.

• Organized International Seminar on Tourism with many collaborations from International University in 2008 ( NinhThuân), 2020 (BênTre), 2011 (BinhThuan)

• The lecturers of Tourism Faculty have attended seminars, International Conference on Tourism, published articles on National and International Journal to enhance their knowledge and exchange experiences together.

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