INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION IN TRAINING – Looking back 20 years of the Tourism Faculty (31/5/2015)


Looking back 20 years of the Tourism Faculty

PhD. Vo Xuan Lan Sang,

Dean of Tourism Faculty

Twenty years to one's life or the history of a school is not much. But with such a time, the Tourism Faculty of Van Lang University has accumulated some experience in international cooperation, asserted itself and gained a foothold in the community of tourism training in general and in Hochiminh City in particular.

From the first year after its founding, the policy of the faculty is open to the outside world to learn, to communicate, as of the nature of the tourism industry. Acknowledging the importance of foreign languages in the industry, starting from the 2nd school enrollment (1996-2000), the ex-Dean of Tourism faculty, Dr. Phan Huy Xu, staged the first class in French from the first year and specialized course in French from the third year. Mr. Truong Quang De – the French teacher was in charge.

At that time, the conditions were difficult. Facilities were hired with roof class rooms, without microphones or computers. Only 2- 3 subjects of specialized courses were taught in French, however, teachers and students were determined to communicate and learn new things through the language of Voltaire, Victor Hugo.

In 1997, with the support of the expert of the International Cooperation of Van Lang, the procedures with French-speaking University Organization (Aupel-Uref) (predecessor of the AUF - Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) were made, for which the Tourism faculty and Van Lang University became a full member of the Organization, along with plenty of support for academic and financial. From that support the Tourism Faculty gradually trains a lot of young lecturers having the knowledge, language skills, diplomas by reputable universities of France. A plenty of students receiving scholarships to foster French in French-speaking countries continue their education in graduate school in France, contribute to the young workforce of Vietnam tourism.

In parallel with sending people abroad to study, improve their training, lecturers of the Tourism Faculty also learned from foreign colleagues through exchange programs, and research projects. Knowledge reception culminated in the training program improvements. The first improvement, that was also a very important step forward in the training of tourism, was in 2003. After many trips abroad to learn the university-partners’ programs (France, Canada, Swiss, United States of America, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Malaysia ...), Dr. Vo Sang Xuan Lan (Vice Dean of Tourism Faculty at the time and Dean from 2005) has researched and put into training two majors: Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism Management (instead of the Travel Guide before), the result of which was that the application of the new curriculum was recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training, and granted specifically for tourism sector of the Van Lang University since 2005.

Not only that, the cooperation projects with the French-speaking partner universities have created a foundation for Tourism Faculty to strengthen his position in the eyes of other universities in Vietnam and abroad. Starting in 2003, the Tourism Faculty has joined professional group of Geography-Tourism sector of AUF and contributed greatly to the formation of a community of tourism researchers and teaching in Vietnam and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Continuously from 2005 until now, the Dean of the Tourism Faculty of Van Lang University is co-responsible of the tourism professional team, together with a French colleague, is a bridge between tourism training schools in Vietnam and other French-speaking countries.

This position helps the Tourism faculty to strengthen its teaching activities and professional studies, enabling lecturers to grow and mature. The Faculty often welcomes foreign lecturers to teach and/ or as members of the Thesis Board in French, whereas a few members of the faculty are also involved in teaching and on the board of dissertation, thesis abroad.

From training programs in French, since 2010 (the 17th Course), The Faculty has developed a program in English, to improve the Vietnamese program to meet the needs of the tourism market.
The Tourism Faculty results achieved after 20 years of formation and development are continuing efforts of teachers and students in international cooperation, in exchange and learn from the experience of schools and colleagues in the country and abroad. Here are some key points:

 Tourism Faculty of the University of Perpignan (France) recognized the training program of the Tourism Faculty of Van Lang University as their equivalent;

 With Diploma Double program (Double degree) in cooperation with University of Perpignan, the first course (K16) has graduated and received the Bachelor of Tourism of the University of Perpignan dated 10th January 2014;

 The development of two majors that previously recognized by Minister of Education and Training has to be standardized in Hospitality Management and Management of Tourism Services and Travel with two separate codes of Economics, separately from Business Administration Management as before (The major of Management of Restaurant and Catering in the tourism industry code is not trained in the Faculty);

 Training programs are continuously updated and achieve recognition through outside accreditation from AUF experts of the Organization AUF; while organizing specialized training in both French and English languages;

 There are relationships with many prestigious universities in the world such as Griffith University (Queensland - Australia), the University of Perpignan Via Domitia (Perpignan - France), the University UQAM (Montreal - Canada), Prince of Songkla University (Hattya-Thailand) ...

Twenty years is the first stage of formation, construction and completion of the Faculty in hoping that in the next 20 years, Tourism Faculty will reinforce its position in the country and in the region.

Appendix: Scholarships and grants for students and lecturers of the Tourism Faculty through projects and cooperation programs








Summer course of Fostering French (France / French-speaking countries / Vietnam)


Usually 1-2 SV  per  year  from 1998 to present

Year 2 or Year 3


Master of Tourism in France

Student - Lecturer

·   22 students

·   01 lecturer

4th year students eligible defend thesis in French before the International Board or young lecturers of the faculty


Fellow doctors in France


02 lecturers



Professional development and textbooks at the university partners in the French-speaking countries


06 lecturers

Lecturers search documents,  discuss with colleagues at partner schools to develop lesson plans to serve new subjects in the curriculum of the Faculty


Attending seminars and international conferences


4 scholarships

Selected lecturers having presentation will have speech at the conference


Bilateral and multilateral research projects


3 Projects  + 4 international workshops


16th Course Students of Double Diploma Program (Double Degree) receive bachelor degree from the University of Perpignan (July 1st 2014)


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Attending Tourism Conference in Tien Giang(31/3/2016)
11th Session of the General Conference of Rectors of French-speaking universities (AUF) members in Asia Pacific (CONFRASIE) (28/4/2015)
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