Tourism Department of Vietnam in the new millennium

 Tourism Department of Vietnam in the new millennium

Quoting from Footprint Journal, the sponsoring of government, Tourism sectors has accorded to ministries and local agencies to elaborate and publish the mechanisms and policies in Tourism.

They are Tourism Ordinance, Tourism Law, as well as national action-projects in developing Tourism. The first results are 6,000 agencies in Hospitality business, 130,000 chambers including 18 hotels 5*, 48 hotels 4*, 300 international travel companies in Hà Nội, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Ninh, Đà Nẵng , Hải Phòng.

The Government has sponsored 2,146 billion dong to rebuild central infrastructures. This reform is organized in 58 metropolitan provinces, cities through 358 projects. Moreover, Tourism Industry had attracted 190 foreign investments for 29 provinces /cities.

Vietnam polities are visa exemption for citizens of Japan, Korea and the countries of Northern Europe. The Visa Systems become “light”, the visas are issued at Vietnamese Embassy in their countries, at international customs for the mission which is lasted under 15 days.


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